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Toilet Training

Putting Into Practice
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For toilet training to be enjoyable to both parents and children, it's important to remember to take it easy. Never rush the training, and never scold your child. Try to understand that until that point of time in his life, peeing and pooing in his diaper have been the natural order of things!
This is his first time using the toilet, so if you scold him or express your disappointment with him, it's very likely he may become too discouraged to try again.
Even if he doesn't make it in time, or if he only tells you after he has peed in the diaper, just praise him for telling you or reassure him that it's good that he is now feeling more comfortable.
Your child loves to see your smiling face. By praising him, you are also helping him to develop self-confidence. And when you help him see the association between the act of peeing and words like "pee pee", it motivates him to tell you the next time he feels nature's call!

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