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Toilet Training

Putting Into Practice
Indications to Start Toilet Training


First, keep a lookout for the following signs:

  • Your child is able to walk steadily without help.
  • Your child can more or less understand what the adults are saying and respond accordingly.
  • His pee intervals are longer.

When your child's pee interval becomes longer during the day, and his diaper is dry in the morning because he does not pee at night, it's about time to begin toilet training. When you are changing diapers, talk to your child in a comforting voice saying, "Did you pee pee? Okay, let's change the diaper to make you feel better." This helps him associate the act of peeing with words such as "pee pee", or any other words that you may like to use.

You can switch your child to pants diapers and place a support stool on your toilet seat, or prepare him by showing pictures of toilets from illustration books. It may also be effective to let the baby see his mum or dad using the toilet.
If you have difficulty estimating the intervals between your child's pee and poo times, you can try keeping a "Toilet Diary" to record the times when your child is doing either.

Toilet Diary

Once you notice that your child's pee intervals are becoming longer, it's time to start keeping a toilet diary! After changing his diaper in the morning, check again about an hour and a half to two hours later. Use occasions that are not disruptive to his usual routine - like mealtime or nap time - to check and record for two to three days. This can become a valuable reference when you start training your child!


●About the download
This toilet diary is a PDF file designed to be printed on A4-sized paper. You'll need the "Adobe Reader" program to print the file after downloading. If you don't have the program, please download it from the link below.

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Note: Please check and ensure that the "Fit to paper size" option is not selected in your printer settings.

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