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Concerns Pertaining to Diarrhoea and Constipation in Babies

"My baby's poo is usually wet. How do I know if he has diarrhoea?"
This is a common question among mums. On the other hand, when your baby seems to poo less frequently than the other babies, you worry if your baby is constipated. It is therefore important for mums to know when there is no need to be overly concerned about wet poo or constipation, and when to seek medical attention.




*1 Dehydration
Refers to a condition when there is excessive loss of body fluid. One is prone to dehydration when there is prolonged fever or diarrhoea, and should exercise caution. Signs and symptoms include a decrease in pee volume, lack of tears when crying, pale complexion and extreme sleepiness or fatigue. Seek medical help when you observe these signs in your baby.

*2 Rotavirus Diarrhoea
Refers to diarrhoea caused by Rotavirus or Caliciviridae. It is an infectious disease that is commonly spread during the winter season in temperate countries. In tropical areas like Singapore, it can occur throughout the year. Signs and symptoms usually begin with sudden vomitting, followed by severe diarrhoea. Poo becomes whitish and eventually turn watery,
It may be accompanied by fever. Seek early medical help as it may lead to dehydration.

*3 Hirschsprung's Disease
This is a congenital condition where the enteric nervous system is missing from the end of the bowel. With this condition, normal intestinal function is hindered, causing a blockage in the bowel, resulting in constipation. The disease can be detected during early infancy.

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