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Differences in Poo When Your Baby is on Breast Milk, Formula Milk or Combination of Both

The composition of formula milk today is becoming increasingly closer to that of breast milk. Hence, babies' poo do not differ much. However, the following differences can be seen in healthy poo for babies from 0 to 4 months when their main diet is milk.




*1 When there is gas that stays in the tummy for a long period of time, the poo will turn green due to oxidation.
*2 Formula milk tends to stay longer in the intestine compared to breast milk. As a result, the poo may have a brownish tinge from an early stage.
*3 The unique sour odour is caused by the formation of milk acid when the milk whey ferments in the intestine.
*4 Watery poo is characteristic of breastfed babies. Although the poo may appear wet, it is not diarrhoea.
*5 The grainy texture comes from the solidified fats and calcium. Termed as "granular stool", grainy-textured poo is common and normal for babies at this stage of growth.

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