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Toilet Training

The Basics
Before Toilet Training Your Child


Even when your child's brain and body have reached a certain stage of development, it doesn't mean he will automatically know the use of the toilet. Becoming aware of the urge to pee is the first step towards being fully toilet-trained. Even if he can somehow detect a full bladder or an urge to pee, he still has some learning to do before he can finally stop peeing in his diapers.
There are still a few issues your child needs to comprehend before he can tell his mum or dad when he needs to "go" and hold the urge until he can make it to the toilet.
Intellectual development helps your child acquire communication skills, and recognise the toilet as a place for the elimination of body waste. It also plays a major part in guiding your child towards becoming fully independent of diapers.

Dr.Shalini Shanmugam

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