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What should do to prevent diaper rash?


Choose diapers that help prevent rashes.
It is also important to change your baby's diapers frequently.

  • Point 1 for choosing Diapers

Good absorbency, so the bottom will not be wet 

If your baby's bottom is wet with perspiration or pee, the skin becomes wrinkled, making it more prone to damage. It is important to choose a diaper with good absorbency to avoid leaving any moisture on the skin.
The wavy top sheet used in Merries Tape Diapers ensure that only half of the entire diaper surface is in contact with the skin, even when your baby's full weight is on the diaper during his sleep. In this way, the surface that has absorbed the pee will not be in direct contact with the skin.


  • Point 2 for Choosing Diapers

Good breathability, so the bottom will not be trapped in heat & moisture

Babies perspire easily and have high pee frequencies. Hence, it is important to choose diapers that provide good breathability so that your baby's bottom will not be trapped in heat and moisture.
Merries Tape Diapers uses a breathable wavy top sheet. The wavy diaper surface minimises contact with your baby's skin and allows air to flow freely between the diaper and your baby's bottom. This reduces humidity in the diaper and the baby's bottom stays dry.


  • Point 3 for Choosing Diapers

Soft texture and does not irritate the skin

The baby's skin is only half the thickness of an adult's skin and is extremely delicate. Friction with the diaper surface can easily irritate the skin. To prevent this, choose the softest material possible to cover your baby's skin.The surface material used for Merries Tape Diapers are ultra soft and wavy. It acts like a cushion that gently wraps your baby's bottom.


  • Point 4 for Choosing Diapers

Poo will not spread all over the diaper

For the first month, the newborn's poo is wet and watery. It spreads easily, and it is likely to cause diaper rash when left in contact with the skin.
The surface material used for Merries Tape Diapers are ultra soft and wavy. The recessed areas effectively trap the watery poo to stop it from spreading to other areas. This helps to protect your baby's delicate skin from diaper rash.


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