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Points to Note until Your Child Outgrows Bedwetting


Both you and your child would want to go through your child's bedwetting episodes cheerfully. We have collated some information to help you avoid putting pressure on your child during this period, and to ensure that you can continue to monitor his progress patiently!

3 Points to Help You Get Through Bedwetting

First things first!

1. Don't wake him up!

Never wake him up in the middle of the night because of the fear of bedwetting. Even if you manage to wake him up and take him to the toilet, your child would still be half asleep. To him, this is no different from wetting the bed. In fact, it would disrupt his sleep rhythm with counter effect!
Letting him sleep soundly until the next morning is the best way to help him outgrow bedwetting!

Keep this in mind too!

2. Don't get angry!

Bedwetting isn't a crime. To your child, it is something he cannot do anything about as it is an involuntary action. Becoming angry will not help him to progress. It'll only add stress to both the child and you! So even if you are upset, thinking "Argh! He did it again!", just be patient and see how your child can eventually outgrow bedwetting.

Last but not least!

3. Don't rush your child!

Your child will naturally outgrow bedwetting once he has attained a certain stage of biological development. It has nothing to do with his capabilities or your diligent training. It's not about hard work. Feel free to let him wear diapers at night during this period, and don't lose patience by comparing your child with other children. Just take it easy, follow your child's pace, and wait patiently for the day when he outgrows it.

Helpful products


Make full use of the following products to keep both yourself and your child smiling during the whole experience!

★Bedwetting pads
With this waterproof mat, you can prevent the mattress from getting wet by putting this mat between the bedsheet and the mattress.

★Illustration books
To help you build up patience, it may be nice to spend time reading relevant illustration books together with your child during this period.

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