Why is Baby's Skin so delicate?

3 reasons unique to growing babies.


Skin is thinner than adults

Your baby's growing skin remains thin and vulnerable to irritants and dryness.


Skin is prone to dryness

From two or three months after birth, the sebum that is covering your baby's skin will start to disappear, causing the skin to be prone to dryness.


Babies sweat a lot

Despite their tiny bodies, babies have almost as many sweat glands as adults. Sweat can irritate your baby's delicate skin and cause skin problems.

Your baby's delicate skin is not capable enough to preserve moisture,
that is why proper skincare is vital to protecting your baby's skin.

The "Ceramide effect" - Protecting your baby's skin from moisture loss.

"Ceramide" is an essential component in the skin that retains moisture for healthy skin.

Ceramide retains moisture inside the skin (the corneal layer), acting as a barrier to protect the skin against external irritation.

Using skincare that helps to retain ceramide on your baby's skin is recommended to keep the skin moisturised at all times.

Skin Care tips


Preparation Use warm water of approximately 36 to 38°C. Dispense an appropriate amount onto palm and lather well.

● Head
Massage gently with your fingers and avoid scratching.

● Face
Wash in a gentle circular motion.

● Behind the ears
Wash the back of the ears gently by folding the ear forward and in a downward direction towards the earlobe.

● Wrist, elbow, knee
Gently wash in a circular motion with your fingers around the different parts of your baby's body.

● Bottom
Clean soiled areas thoroughly.


Best time to moisturise - After your baby's bath - During diaper changes - After wiping off perspiration - After milk or food - Before going out, etc.After bath, wipe dry and apply within 15 minutes.

● Cheeks
Gently apply cream with a fingertip.

● Neck, behind the ears, armpits
Don't forget these important areas.

● Stomach and back
Apply with your palms for these wider surfaces.

  • Merries Skin Care  Innovation from extensive baby skin research  Cleanses and Moisturises by focusing on the function of "Ceramide".

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