Diaper Size Selection Guide

Diaper sizes vary according to the baby's weight. The weight indicators given below are for references only.
However, even if the weight matches, you may need to choose a smaller or larger diaper size, depending on your baby's height, waist and thigh measurements.
The frequency and amount of pee also vary with different babies, so choose the appropriate size for your baby after careful consideration of all factors.

Merries Tape Diapers
Merries Pants Diapers
When should I change to a larger diaper size?

You should change your baby's diapers to a larger size if you observe any of the following:

  • When the diaper feels tight around the waist and thighs, or leaves marks on the skin
  • When you are using the edge of the tape to hold the diaper in place
  • When the diaper rise shortens and the waist line goes below the navel
  • When there is an increase in the quantity of your baby's pee and poo, resulting in leakage
  • When your baby's weight exceeds the indicated range in the diaper size selection guide
When should I switch from tape to pants diapers? When your toddler starts moving around actively, and changing diapers becomes a challenge, then it's time to switch to pants diapers! Merries M-size pants diapers will be perfect for babies weighing 6 kg and above, and who are about to start crawling!

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