Demonstration on Changing Diaper

How To Change Tape Diapers

1.Prepare a new tape diaper

Spread out the new diaper and raise the inner gathers.
The raised gathers help to prevent leakage.
Place the new diaper directly beneath the soiled diaper.
Pull the top part of the new diaper up until it is slightly above your baby's navel.

2.Unfasten the soiled diaper

Your baby may pee and poo during the process.
Do not panic!

3.Pull out the soiled diaper

Wipe your baby's bottom if there is residual poo.
  • * Do NOT pull your baby's legs by force.
Gently lift up your baby's bottom and pull out the soiled diaper.

4.Thoroughly wipe away stains

Thoroughly wipe the area where poo is likely to be left behind. Be careful that you do not pull your baby's legs by force.
  • * Wipe the area clean even when he pees.

5.Change the diaper

Place your fingers over the inner gathers to keep them raised and lift the diaper over your baby's navel.
Ensure that the diaper fits snugly around your baby's bottom. For a baby boy, make sure his private part points downwards.

6.Fasten the tape

Hold down the side of the diaper and pull the tape over.
Ensure both sides are symmetrical before fastening.
Fasten the tape and give a slight tug at the back to ensure that the tape is in place.

7.Adjust the side gathers

Use your fingers to adjust the side gathers around the thighs and ensure that the diaper fits snugly around the baby's bottom. If the gathers are folded inwards, leakage may occur.

How to handle the soiled diaper
Flush the poo down the toilet. Fold the diaper up, seal firmly with the tapes, and throw it into the bin.
How can I adjust the diaper when it does not seem to fit snugly around my baby's thighs?

Try to fit the diaper to your baby's body shape by adjusting the tape position.
Seal the tapes higher towards the top of diaper to loosen the fit around the thighs.
For a tighter fit, seal the tapes lower towards the centre of diaper.

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