Demonstration on Changing Diaper

How to Change Pants Diapers

Put your hands through the bottom of the pants diaper and gently ease your baby's legs into the openings.

  • If you are putting on the pants diaper while your baby is standing, make sure he can support himself. Stretch the pants diaper open and place one foot in first before the other.
Lift the waistline of the pants diaper
above your baby's navel.
Check the fit around the elastic waistband and ensure that the gathers around the thighs are not folded inwards.
  • * Use your fingers to adjust the inner gathers, so as to prevent leakage.

(For baby boy) Is his private part pointing downwards?

It is likely that the baby boy's penis will rest on the nonabsorbent gathers, which may then result in leakage. And if his penis points upwards, the pee may be sprayed all over. However, as long as it points downwards and is positioned in between the gathers, there is nothing to worry about. The large absorbent area of the diaper will lock in the baby's pee. This feature is especially effective in preventing leakage when the baby sleeps on his tummy.

Ensure that the word “まえ” is in front and positioned in the centre.

When your baby is active, the pants diaper may turn lopsided and the gathers may be misaligned. If the baby's bottom or the penis settles on the nonabsorbent gathers, leakage may occur. So do ensure that the pants diaper is aligned in the centre.

Are there any gaps around the waist or thighs?

If so, try using Merries Walker Pants that is one size smaller, or Merries Tape Diaper that allows easy adjustment.

Check if the top of the baby's clothing is tucked under the diaper's waistband.

How to Handle the Soiled Pants Diaper
Handling the soiled pants diaper
Tear open both sides and remove. Flush the poo down the toilet.
Disposing the soiled pants diaper
Fold pants diapers up, seal firmly with the tape, and throw it into the bin.

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