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Fundamental Solutions for sensitive skin

It begins with the thorough understanding of skin concerns

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"I have been plagued by skin problems such as roughness and dryness…“
”I'm bothered even by hair touching my cheeks and eyelids…”
“I'm concerned about my skin becoming dry and flakey, as well as roughness around the waist…”
“I'm concerned about dry scalp…”
We seek to reduce the worries of people with dry and sensitive skin.

Kao's vision of providing safe and effective skincare solutions means that we are always paying attention to customers' concerns over skin problems. Our research on sensitive skin began even before the term appeared.In 1976, a new research lab is established in Kao Japan's institute of research to learn more about our skin structure.

Our long and extensive research on dermatology led us to the fact that dry and sensitive skin is caused by a lack of ceramide.

The only way to achieve our goal is to develop a highly effective ceramide functioning ingredient based on Kao Japan's advanced dermatological research.

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Dry and sensitive skin tends to lack sufficient ceramide. Thus, it is important to provide moisturizing skin care which protects and replenishes the function of ceramide.
In 1987, Kao Japan successfully develops the functional components of ceramide*, and becomes the first to use them in skin care formula. In 1993, Kao, a leader in skin care and pioneer in ceramide research, introduced the ingredient to skin care for sensitive skin.
Curél is the culmination of extensive dermatological research. It takes into consideration the skin's moisture and natural barrier functions to provide safe and effective solutions through careful formulation.
Research proves that Curél's hydrating & penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care can improve dryness in skin far more effectively than other products.

  • * Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide, Bis-Methoxypropylamido Isodocosane

Curél's Approach to Safety of Usage

Launch of Curél as Japan's first skincare solutions for Sensitive skin.

 image: Launch of Curél as Japan's first skincare solutions for Sensitive skin

 In 1999, Curél was launched as Japan's first skincare solution for sensitive skin.
Using the approach of protecting and replenishing  ceramide function  to moisturize the skin, Curél boosts skin's barrier function against external stimulations - thus keeping skin moisturized and less prone to roughness.
Curél has been consistently focusing on ceramide protection and building at each and every step of skincare - from cleansing to moisturizing.
From babies to the elderly. For the face, body, and scalp.
Curél offers a holistic range of products which are gentle, yet effective on sensitive skin.
We will continue to address various concerns of those with dry and sensitive skin, based on the culmination of dermatological research over the past 30 years.

Fundamental Solutions for Sensitive Skin Curél

Brand History

Brand History

Kao Japan's ceramide research and Curél brand history

Our Promise on Quality

Our Promise on Quality

Curél is formulated from Kao Japan's extensive dermatological research and high manufacturing standards. Curél frees people with sensitive skin from their problems.

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