Skin care that protects and replenishes ceramide

Curél's “hydrating and penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care*” effectively replenishes ceramide, an essential ingredient that sensitive skin lacks. It boosts your skin's natural barrier function and protects it from external irritation.

Ceramide care has 3 key functions: it protects skin's ceramide during cleansing, replenishes ceramide function from the outside, and enhances ceramide production from within. This helps to strengthen skin's natural barrier function that is weakened by constant dryness. Skin is effectively hydrated and moisture-dense.
Curél's highly effective “Hydrating and Penetrating Moisture-retaining Ceramide Care” is widely recognized by leading Japanese dermatologists.

* Refers to the treatment that protects and replenishes the function of ceramide.

1. A gentle, mildly acidic, and hypoallergenic cleanser,
Curél Foaming Wash protects ceramide even as it cleanses.

As our skin is mildly acidic, using alkaline-based skincare products can cause stress to our skin as it washes away ceramide along with dirt and sebum during cleansing.
Curél Foaming Wash is mildly acidic and gentle on skin. It protects ceramide while thoroughly cleansing skin.


Cross section model of skin

2. Curél’s unique ceramide functioning ingredient replenishes ceramide in skin by enabling sufficient ceramide to fill up areas between skin cells to prevent moisture loss.

Curél's ceramide functioning ingredient penetrates deep inside the stratum corneum, where skin dryness originates. It helps to boost moisture density from within, restoring skin's barrier function. Skin becomes moisture-dense and resistant to external irritants.

Dry and sensitive condition



Boost moisture & barrier function with Curél Ceramide Care


  • * Bis-Methoxypropylamido |sodocosane, Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethy| Palmitamide


Moisturized and irritant-free condition


3. Formulated with Eucalyptus extract, a functional ingredient discovered by Kao's researchers, which increases skin's natural ceramide production to promote healthier skin.

Through a careful research of 154 natural ingredients, Kao discovered that the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant greatly enhance skin's ability to produce ceramide.
Curél's skincare products are formulated with Eucalyptus leaf extract to boost skin's ceramide production and restore sensitive skin to a healthy condition from within.

Leaves of Eucalyptus Plant

Use moisturizer with Eucalyptus extract.

Effects of “Ceramide Care”

By using skin care that offers ceramide care, you can protect, replenish and enhance skin's ceramide production. This helps to improve skin's ability to retain moisture in the stratum corneum and boost its natural barrier function.

Amount of ceramide in skin(surface)*1

Volume of water in skin(surface)

Skin's protective function*2

  1. *1 Relative value, where amount of ceramide is 1 for control group of inviduals with healthy skin
  2. *2 Amount of moisture loss in skin

Skin Improvement 1: Skin flakiness on the face visibly reduced after 4 weeks.


In an efficacy test* conducted by Kao and dermatologists, skin's moisture retention and barrier function show marked improvement after 4 weeks. Skin dryness and flakiness are also significantly reduced. Skin is visibly healthy and beautiful. Dermatologists also acknowledged a high level of safety in the products, ensuring that you can use them with a complete peace of mind.

*Products used (twice daily, in the morning and night):
Curél Foaming Wash
Curél Moisture Lotion Ⅱ
Curél Intensive Moisture Face Cream
*Nov.-Dec. in 2008. Curél clinical use test (N=40)

Skin Improvement 2:
Skin redness and peeling visibly reduced after 2 weeks.


Product used : Curél Body Wash
*May, 2008. Curél clinical use test (N=22)

Skin Improvement 3:
Skin is moisturized with less flakiness and peeling. Skin texture visible improved.


Product used : Curél Moisture Cream
*Feb.-Mar. in 2005. Curél clinical use test (N=30)

Skin Improvement 4:
Flakiness and peeling in scalp visibly reduced.


Products used : Curél Shampoo & Conditioner
*Nov.-Dec. in 2006. Curél clinical use test (N=30)

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