Our Promise on Quality

Manufactured at Kao Japan's professional cosmetics factory in Tokyo, Japan, Curél
delivers only the highest quality skin care.

Curél Face Care series is developed in
Kao Japan's professional cosmetics factory in Tokyo, Japan.

Located in Sumida, a special prefecture in Tokyo, the 44,100 square metre site, inclusive of an R&D department, first began operations in 1923. It is an ideal working environment of highly advanced facilities and strict quality control operations.


Every two hours, a sample from the production line is taken to be tested on factors such as ingredients, colour, odour, and a skin application assessment, to ensure that every component of product compliance is achieved. From manufacturing to packaging, Curél maintains stringent "aseptic standard"* that is comparable to those used in pharmaceutical and food production.


All Curél products undergo the same production process as high-end cosmetics, and with the same quality control. Every Curél product is subject to a series of thorough verification processes before they are shipped out from the factory. Even a lotion goes through at least 27 rounds of verification.

We employ only the best manufacturing technicians to monitor the production line. Our 200-strong staff operates meticulously, and our products are all carefully packed by hand.

Our commitment to people with sensitive skin and problems is one of confidence, safety and reassurance.


  • * Manufactured following the cleansing standard (cleansing strength standard) of U.S. Federal Standard/FED-STD-209E Class 10,000.
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