Characteristics of the UV
Protection Series

For skin which tends to become sensitive due to dryness from UV rays

Dry and sensitive skin tends to lack in “Ceramide,” the important c ingredient for skin, and becomes prone to external stimulation such as dryness from UV rays. That’s why skin gets easily damaged from UV rays and develops dryness, redness/burning sensation, and spots/freckles.

1.Not only protecting from UV rays, it prevents skin damage caused by UV rays

● Prevents dryness

Contains a moisturizing ceramide-functioning ingredient. This replenishes the function of ceramides, which are an important ingredient for skin, supports the barrier function of skin (stratum corneum), fills the skin with moisture, and maintains the moisture dense skin that is resistant to external stimulation.

  • * Bis-Methoxypropylamido |sodocosane, Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethy| Palmitamide


● Prevents redness/burning sensation*1
  1. *1 Contains a plant-derived ingredient which prevents skin damage (effective ingredient) 

2.Gentle product design

  • No added UV absorber
  • No added fragrance
  • No added colorant
  • No added alcohol (Ethyl alcohol)
  • Allergy tested*
  • Patch tested on volunteers with sensitive skin*
    (UV Lotion, UV Essence, UV Cream, UV Milk)
    [Patch test: A test to check the level of stimulation on skin]
  • Formula which prevents the cause of acne
    Non-comedogenic tested*
  • *  Does not mean that an allergic reaction, skin irritation, or comedo (cause of acne) will never occur in anyone.


It can also be used on a baby’s delicate skin. 
UV Protection Milk,
UV  Protection Essence

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