How to Care for Sensitive Skin | Intensive Moisture Face Care Series

Makeup Removal

1.Wash hands before removing makeup. If face or hands are wet, pat dry with towel.

2.Gently remove makeup around eye area as skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate. Do not rub excessively.

3.To remove mascara, massage upper lashes from roots to tips. For lower lashes, gently rub with fingertips.

4.Always remove makeup from lips by starting from the corners of the mouth to the centre.


1.Apply half the amount of foaming wash on T-zone and chin. Apply the remaining amount to cheeks. The T-zone and chin areas tend to be oil-prone while cheeks areas are prone to dryness.

2.Gently massage skin with foam. Do not rub excessively.

3.Use lukewarm water (32-33 degrees Celsius) to rinse face as hot water can remove more sebum and cause skin to be even drier.

4.Ensure thorough cleansing using both hands. Use left hand to clean right cheek, and right hand to clean left cheek. Pat softly.



1.Apply moisturizer onto face immediately after cleansing to prevent skin from drying.

2.Use light, gentle strokes to avoid excessive rubbing on skin.

3.After application, gently pressing skin with warm palms will hasten the product's penetration into skin.

4.Apply any remaining moisturizer on hands onto neck to enhance moisturizing effects.

5.Gently apply on entire face evenly from the centre. Repeat for dry and rough areas.

UV Protection


1.Inadequate application of UV protection cannot thoroughly block UV rays from skin. When using UV protection products, please read and follow application instructions. Apply onto skin evenly.

2.Use a cotton pad to wipe skin clean of sweat and dirt before application. It is recommended to apply UV protection every 2-3 hours.

3.Gently repeat application for areas especially prone to UV rays exposure. Remember to protect the back of your ears and neck too.

  • * SPF number is a measurement of protection of the skin from ultraviolet B. PA mark is a measurement of protection of the skin from ultraviolet A. These measurements serve as a guide to product selection.
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