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Foaming Body Wash

"Curél is safe and reliable."

It's great that after using Curél Moisture series products, there is absolutely no feeling of skin tightness. It’s also easily absorbed by skin and feels very refreshing. There is no sensitive skin reaction with Curél. On top of this, it doesn’t contain any alcohol, and it’s safe and reliable. I realized that with prolonged usage, Curél has really improved the condition of my sensitive skin. The best thing is that Curél isn’t expensive and really shows visible results. Furthermore, Curél products contain aseptic ingredients that can prevent further skin dehydration. It’s so gentle that it is even suitable for use on baby’s delicate skin. I will surely recommend it to friends and family so that they can experience the effectiveness.

Pian, 25. Skin Type: Sensitive Dry.
Hair Type: Dry Hong Kong

"Total solution for sensitive skin."

I’ve always been using skincare products that are designed for sensitive skin and none of them really solved my skin problems. But with Curél, their entire series from - face to body, and hair and scalp care - works so well for me. No sensitive skin reactions, no skin tightness and my skin feels moisturized all the time!

Mujipepper, 32. Skin Type: Sensitive. Hair Type: Dry
Hong Kong

Face Care

Body Care

Scalp & Hair Care

Face Care

Cleanse and moisturize skin while protecting the function of Ceramide - a natural moisturizing ingredient found in skin.

Curel Intensive Moisture Care Makeup Cleansing Gel

Effective and gentle makeup remover.

My skin is prone to allergic reaction and very sensitive, and my face usually turns red with stinging pain just after 3 days of using other makeup removal products. But Makeup Cleansing Gel is so mild I can use it every day without causing any stress on my skin. It also removes makeup effortlessly. It's so gentle!

Shirley, 21. Skin Type: Dry
Shanghai, China (Online Shopper at Taobao)

Great packaging, fantastic product!

I love the product packaging! It has a clear gel texture and I only need the amount of approximately 4 peanuts to cleanse thoroughly (that’s when I used only UV protection). Simply massage the gel on the face in circles - it’s so gentle! Just the other night, I applied the Makeup Cleansing Gel on my face and my skin didn’t turn red even after leaving it on for a few minutes. It was unbelievable as my skin is usually so sensitive that even warm water will cause discomfort. If I get any shampoo residue on my face while washing my hair, I will suffer the consequences!
The emulsifying ability is pretty good, and it rinses off easily. There are now less blackheads on my nose. And, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight after a wash! It’s great in terms of gentleness, cleansing ability and emulsification. In short, it is a very good makeup remover. if you are missing a makeup removal that you love, it’s time you get this one!

Mozzie, Below 20. Skin Type: Sensitive Combination. Hair Type: Normal
Huizhou, Canton, China (Online Shopper at Taobao)


Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Facial Wash

Love the gentle texture of foam!

I’ve been waiting for a long time for Curél to be introduced in Hong Kong! I have very sensitive skin and needed skincare products that are gentle. I bought a series of Curél skincare products in Japan, followed its 3-step daily care, and fell in love with it! It’s very easy to lather up foam with the Foaming Wash and I know the cleansing ability comes from its foam, which feels rich and fine.
After cleansing, there’s absolutely no tightness on skin. On the contrary, it feels very comfortable. The most important thing is that the foam texture is very gentle. It doesn’t irritate skin at all. Now that it’s finally here in Hong Kong, I don’t need to buy the parallel imports anymore!

Mew, 26. Skin Type: Dry. Hair Type: Normal
China (Online Shopper at Taobao)

Definitely recommending Curél to friends.

My skin type is the combination-dry type. Whenever the season changes, it’s very sensitive and becomes chapped. But the Curél Moisture series products are so gentle on my skin! The foam texture is very fine and the Foaming Wash gives instant foam with just one press of the nozzle. Saves time lathering with my hands. There is no skin tightness after cleansing, too. When I use it with Moisture Lotion and Moisture Face Milk, my skin feels moisturized and not oily. Plus, it doesn’t contain alcohol and fragrance, which is very reassuring for me. I tried the entire series of Moisture series with no allergic reaction. Also, its moisturizing effects are visible. I’m definitely recommending Curél to friends., 22. Skin Type: Sensitive Combination. Hair Type: Dry
China (Online Shopper at Taobao)

Value for money and great for sensitive skin.

It feels so gentle and clean. There is no tight feeling after wash and it’s great for sensitive skin. The best part is that this high performance product is really affordable!

Oniiki Syuura, 20-25. Skin Type: Sensitive Combination. Hair Type: Normal
Hongkou, Shanghai, China (Online Shopper at Taobao)

I really like this product very much!

I bought the Foaming Wash when I went to Japan because I love Curél’s Makeup Cleansing Gel so much. And the Foaming Wash is awesome! The foam texture is light and fluffy and it washes dirt from skin so completely. Skin doesn’t feel tight after cleansing and it doesn’t feel soapy either. And it’s fragrance-free. I really like this product a lot. It’s so convenient for my morning skin care routine. I’m going to keep using Curél’s products!

Bloodnaya, 20-25. Skin Type: Sensitive Dry. Hair Type: Dry
China (Online Shopper at Taobao)


Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Facial Lotion II

No more sensitive skin!

I started using Curél 2 years ago and since then I’ve used countless bottles of Curél Lotion! Now I’m using the Intensive Moisture Cream. I just love the entire series! The large pimples on my face have gradually disappeared. Curél products have been so effective for me that I’m moved to tears of joy. My skin is so dry and sensitive that as soon as something is wrong, it shows up on my face, but there is absolutely no problem with Curél!
Even though the changes are gradual, I can feel that my skin is now fully moisturized and becoming better. It doesn’t feel irritated, or even red. I can see and feel the results for myself. My acne is gone and I no longer have big pimples. My skin is also less oily and rough. Curél helped me remember what it feels like to have no skin problems. Now I understand what Curél means by “this is the feeling of clear skin...” The packaging design is also well done.

Miku1019, 27. Skin Type: Sensitive


Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Facial Lotion III Enrich

Best moisturizer for my skin.

I’ve been using Curél Lotion for about 2 to 3 years now, and I like it very much. I’ve tried many types of lotions for sensitive skin and this one is the best. My skin feels so healthy and smooth after use that I feel like I’m a different person. As I continue to use Curél Lotion, the pimples that used to pop up during my period disappeared. Whiteheads around the corners of my mouth and symptoms of chapping are also gone. It’s still hard to believe that my skin has become so perfect. My face used to feel rough and dry, but now it’s moisturized and supple. It’s also no longer easily irritated and has stopped itching.
Before using Curél, even being out in the sun or using lotion for sensitive skin would give my face red and itchy patches. But Curél’s Lotion is really very gentle. No problems at all! A product that can provide such trust and effectiveness is very rare today and I believe only Curél has achieved this. You can choose the moisturization levels according to the seasons and the packaging design makes usage very convenient. I’m currently using the Moisture Lotion Ⅲ. Just one bottle is already making such a difference to my skin. I treasure it so much and feel so lucky to have found Curél for my skin!

Kisshyu, 31. Skin Type: Sensitive


Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Facial Milk

Skin flakiness and peeling all gone!

I used to have sensitive skin. Even though my skin condition improved a little, it was still dry and was prone to flakiness and peeling once winter comes around. But since I started using Curél 2 years ago, I haven’t had that problem. I’m sticking with Curél because it works so well and it is good for my skin type.
The Moisture Face Milk has a deep penetration level and completely nourishes my skin. It feels very comfortable when applied and doesn’t leave a sticky layer. My skin feels so smooth and soft. I take it with me wherever I go, especially to places with sub zero temperatures.

Mew, 26. Skin Type: Dry. Hair Type: Normal
Hong Kong


Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Facial Cream

Curél made red spots go away in just 2 days.

My skin goes through periods of extreme sensitivity. When that happens, I usually stop using regular skincare products and look for sensitive skincare help. That was how I came upon Curél. I really appreciate the fact that it’s made for sensitive skin like mine. After using it for only 2 days, the red spots caused by sensitive and dry skin are gone. And the Intensive Moisture Cream feels so creamy and is fragrance-free. I’m really satisfied.

Chungyi14, 29. Skin Type: Sensitive Dry. Hair Type: Normal
Hong Kong

Truly an award-winning product!

When this face cream won a COSME award back in 2009, I knew I had to try it! And I wasn’t disappointed. I like the fact that it’s fragrance-free because this is very important for sensitive skin. The Intensive Moisture Cream is also easily absorbed by skin and makes it feel soft and supple. My skin doesn’t feel oily at all. Plus, it’s suitable for sensitive skin as there is no irritation.

Dai_Ji, 20-25. Skin Type: Sensitive Combination. Hair Type: Dry
Changyu, Shanghai, China (Online Shopper at Taobao)


Curel UV protection milk

Great UV protection for sensitive skin.

My skin is sensitive, and it’s prone to redness and itchiness, especially when I use UV protection products. I’ve used many very expensive brands, but the same problems occur. But my skin has no problems at all with Curél’s UV Protection Face Milk! This product is worth recommending to anyone!

Conniefu, 44. Skin Type: Sensitive. Hair Type: Normal
Hong Kong

Great value!

Sensitive skin has always been the most annoying problem for me. My face itches, turns red and is painful whenever there is a change in weather. But after using Curél’s UV Protection Face Milk, my skin feels way less sensitive. Curél really helped me! The product doesn’t feel too oily and is not too drying, either. This is a really good basic care product!! Since using it, I find that makeup stays on for longer without leaving my face greasy. And my skin feels healthier than before. It’s fragrance-free and feels very natural. Price is also very reasonable.

Ccfly, 26. Skin Type: Sensitive. Hair Type: Normal
Hong Kong


Curel Makeup Base

Perfect for Asian skin tone

I’ve never used a BB cream that provided good coverage yet remained lightweight and gentle to the skin until I tried this. Now I don't even have to apply a concealer. This BB cream is good enough!
It also applies very smoothly and quickly – a great time saver! What I like most is the shade. Most BB creams tend to have a pink undertone, which does not look right on me. But Curél BB Cream is perfect for Asian skin with yellow undertone. 

Juli Phang (Bun Bun Makeup Tips), Singapore, Bloggerati by Nuffnang

Nice, dewy finish

I’ve been troubled by sensitive skin since I was young. I always try to be extra careful when choosing makeup products to avoid irritating my skin.
I’m thrilled to find Curél BB Cream! It’s so gentle and blends easily, giving my skin a nice, dewy finish. Unlike my previous makeup base, it doesn’t oxidise but keeps my skin oil-free! My makeup lasts longer and my face feels moisturised all day. Now I can wear my makeup without worries!

Ong Li Ling, Singapore, Pricing Executive

Doesn't give me any new acne

I have sensitive oily skin with frequent acne breakouts. I wish I could conceal my pimples but most makeup products that I’ve tried would cause more acne breakouts!
Curél BB Cream does not give me any new acne, and it conceals my pimples very well. Besides the high coverage, my face also feels less oily. I’m really happy to find a makeup base that suits my sensitive skin!

Felicia Er, Singapore, Student


Curel Sebum Trouble Care

Skin is less oily, and itchy

I have seen many dermatologists and tried many different types of skin care for my sensitive and oily skin. My skin condition got worse after child birth, and it frustrates me when nothing seems to work. After using Curel Sebum Care for two weeks, the swelling and pimples seem less inflamed, and calmer. My face is also less oily, and itchy. I especially loved the facial wash, convenient and leaves a nice, refreshed feeling without any tightness.
I would definitely continue using Curel Sebum Care series and will recommend to all my friends who suffer the same problem as me!

Catherine Ong, Singapore,Sales Executive

Skin is less oily

I would usually think skin care for oily skin will be harsh. But using the facial foam for the first time, my face did not feel tight. After using Curel for just a week, I saw a significant reduction of pimples especially on the forehead. Skin was also less oily thus my make-up did not slide after my lunch break; lesser touch-ups was required.
I would definitely continue using Curel Sebum Care series and recommend to my friends who have oily skin.

Valerie Goh, Singapore,Marketing Executive

Matte skin anytime

After using Curel Sebum Care Range, I my skin feels matte yet moist, without the flakiness caused by stronger degreasing products. My skin remained matte after whipping up a 3 course dinner in non-air conditioned kitchen.

Tan Sijia, Singapore,Events and Marketing Executive


Curel Trial Kit II

Great products. Convenient to use.

I was travelling and had forgotten to bring my essential items with me, so I bought the Curél Trial Kit Ⅱ. But I’m glad things turned out this way. My skin is constantly stressed by my busy lifestyle and allergic reaction often occurs. These skin concerns make me feel depressed. The Trial Kit II really helped me. It has two of my favourite products, Foaming Wash and Makeup Cleansing Gel. The Makeup Cleansing Gel is really gentle and the Intensive Moisture Cream surprised me as it is really good and doesn’t leave an oily feeling on skin. I usually use Moisture Lotion III, but since it was out of stock, I got Lotion II instead. I like the Trial Kit because it is convenient and perfect for outdoor occasions like swimming.

Manxihuakai, 25-30. Skin Type: Normal. Hair Type: Combination
Shenzhen, Canton, China (Online Shopper at Taobao)


Body Care

Protect your sensitive skin from head to toes with hydrating & penetrating moisture-retaining Ceramide care.

Curel Foaming Body Wash

No more itchy eczema-affected skin

My daughter, Teanne has dry and irritated skin due to eczema. Her skin tends to dry out even more after showering, so we have to apply moisturiser immediately to prevent her from scratching and worsening the eczema-affected areas.
Now she looks forward to her showers, knowing that she gets to play with the foam. After using Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash, Teanne’s skin is not as dry and we do not have to moisturise her as frequently as before!

Candice, Singapore,mother of a 3 year-old daughter

No more dry and irritated skin

I’ve had eczema since young. Regular body washes are always too harsh for my skin, leaving it dry and itchy. Although the sensitive skin body washes that I used are mild enough, I’m always bothered by how it did not leave me with a very ’clean’ feeling after showering.
Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash does not dry or irritate my skin. At the same time, it leaves me with a fresh and clean feeling!

Samantha Ng, Singapore, Media Executive

No more irritated skin

I have tried many different products on my son, Caden who has sensitive skin. I am glad I found one that is very gentle on his skin!
Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash is moisturising and does a great job to keep his skin irritation at bay. We like how easy it is to use – just one pump goes a long way! My son is able to soap himself and enjoys showering because of the foam!

Charmaine, Singapore,mother of a 2 year-old son

Skin feels moisturised and clean after shower!

Because I swim frequently, the chlorine in the pool tends to dry out my skin, aggravating my sensitive skin condition. I have tried body washes for sensitive skin but they always leave a tight and dry feeling after wash.
Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash feels good on my skin. My skin feels more moisturised and clean after shower! I really enjoy cleansing with foam as well because it’s soft and gentle on my skin.

Justina Tok, Singapore,Student

Showering is more enjoyable

My daughter, Paige always comes out of the shower with red and itchy skin, despite using body washes meant for sensitive skin.
After using Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash, her skin is now softer, more moisturised and no longer inflamed. My daughter loves the foam. Showering is now much more enjoyable for her.

Qiuyi, Singapore, mother of a 5 year-old daughter


Curel Moisture Milk

Moisturized and itch-free skin.

I’ve been using Curél Moisture Milk since I was in high school. I go through a bottle every month, and actually want to buy a whole box of it so I will not run out! I can’t go without it now. It’s also an essential item when I’m travelling.
I’ve had numerous skin problems including sensitive skin, eczema, urticaria and even atopic dermatitis. My dermatologist says my skin lacks sebum. And since my skin is particularly dry, I need to keep it moisturized all the time, otherwise my skin will constantly be itchy and I will be scratching all over. But even skincare products can cause itching problems for me, especially if they are oil-based, scented - even hypoallergenic products. I guess my skin simply can’t handle them, except for Curél products.
Curél skincare products are fragrance-free and can penetrate deep into skin to keep it moisturized. And they don’t leave a greasy feeling after application. Curél is so gentle and doesn’t cause any stress, itching or discomfort on my skin, which is so dry and sensitive. For me, that’s what makes it stand out.
If you are just looking for moisturization, there are many products from other brands that can do the job, but I believe that only Curél can provide enough moisturization without making skin itch. I recommend people with dry and sensitive skin to try Curél. I think they will be pleasantly surprised.

Mitchy1004, 25. Skin Type: Dry


Scalp & Hair Care

Protect and nourish scalp and hair while removing sebum and dirt with gentle and stress-free cleansing ingredients.

Curel Shampoo

The best scalp care ever!

I have very sensitive scalp, just like the rest of my family. I tried all the shampoos on the market, but none of them work. I always end up with acne on my scalp one week into trying the new shampoo. And my scalp would be itching unbearably. Then my mam bought Curél Shampoo and persuaded me to try it, and all my scalp problems seem to vanish. It lathers up a rich foam that completely cleanses my scalp and also nourishes it. There is no soapy feeling after rinsing and it gives me a refreshing feeling of cleanliness after wash. I’ve been using it for many years, but it has worked so well that I’ll keep using it. This is my lifetime hair care product - I’ll use it forever!

Kurada Emiru, 22. Skin Type: Sensitive

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