How to Care for Sensitive Skin | Intensive Moisture Scalp & Hair Care Series

Before Shampooing

1.Hair, especially long hair, may tangle easily during shampooing if it is not combed out first.

2.Rinse hair with warm water before shampooing to remove dirt. Wet hair also makes it easier to lather up a rich foam, preventing hair breakage caused by friction.

When Shampooing


1.Thoroughly lather up shampoo before using fingertips to gently cleanse hair and scalp. Avoid harming scalp with fingernails. Use fingertips to massage gently in circles.

2.Pay extra attention to commonly neglected areas when rinsing. Skin problems will occur if any shampoo is not washed off.

When Conditioning

1.Apply conditioner onto hair strands, not scalp.

2.Thoroughly rinse off conditioner with warm water from back of neck to hair ends. Skin problems may occur if there is residual conditioner.

When Blow-drying

1.Going to bed while hair is still wet or not completely dried can cause scalp and hair problems. After towel-drying hair, use hair dryer to blow-dry hair completely.

2.Do not use hair dryer directly on scalp. Keep hair dryer at least 15-20 cm away from scalp. Run fingers through hair to reach hair roots and hard-to-dry areas on scalp until hair is completely dry.

3.Excessive blow-drying can cause problems to scalp and hair. Always use a cool setting when blow-drying hair. It is best to allow hair to dry naturally.

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