Designed for people who want to cover redness, rough spots and uneven skin tone without aggravating sensitive skin.
Makeup Base

Prefect coverage while strengthening skin’s resilience against external irritants
Choose the right BB cream that is light and gentle on skin, with Ceramide functioning ingredient to strengthen skin’s resilience.

Product Line

BB Cream

Available in 2 shades 35g


・Flawless finish.
Light texture covers imperfections evenly
・Comfortable & breathable.
Non-sticky cream spreads smoothly, allowing skin to breathe
・Strengthens skin’s resilience with Curél Ceramide Care.
Increase skin's resilience against extemal irritants with Curél's penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care

No Added Fragrance,Ethyl Alchohol-free,Contains non-chemical sunscreen,Allergy-tested*1,Patch-tested*2,Non-comedogenic Tested

  • * There is no skin allergic reactions amongst the participants of test
  • * Patch test is to measure the degree of skin imitation

How does Curél  BB Cream strengthen skin’s resilience with Curél  Ceramide Care?

"I want to Conceal my skin flaws but worry that the makeup would irritate my sensitive skin"
"Most makeup basses are not able to smoothen and cover the dry, rough patches on my skin"

Dry sensitive skin lacks
essential skin ingredient, Ceramide

Ceramide-deficient skin is unable to retain moisture and function properly as a natural barrier, leaving skin more susceptible to external irritation.

Formulated with ceramide functioning ingredient, Curél BB Cream helps
boost skin’s ceramide function,thus strengthening skin against sensitivity.

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