How to Care for Sensitive Skin | Intensive Moisture Body Care Series


1.Thoroughly lather body wash before gently applying it onto body.

2.Use either hands or towels made from 100% cotton to gently spread foam. During shower, massage body in circular movements from wrist/ankle towards centre of the body. (Massage in 3 circles from wrist to shoulder.)

3.Showering in extremely hot water can cause a loss of skin's natural ceramide.
Use lukewarm water below 40 degrees Celsius. Rinse thoroughly.

4.Dry gently with towel. Apply Curél Moisture Milk immediately after shower to boost skin hydration.



1.Apply moisturizer immediately after shower to boost skin hydration.

2.Pay extra attention to the calf area, which can become dehydrated easily. Apply moisturizer evenly to the front and back of both calves, then massage in circles from top down.

3.Repeat application for areas which feel especially dry. Enhance skin hydration by repeating application on elbows, knees, calves, ankles and other areas prone to dryness.

UV Protection

1.When applying UV protection on a large body area, streak a line of the product across the area and use both hands to gently massage in circles.

2.Inadequate application of UV protection cannot thoroughly block UV rays from skin. When using UV protection products, please read and follow application instructions. Apply onto skin evenly.

3.If skin is especially dry, apply Moisture Milk before UV Protection Milk for best results.

4.Use a cotton pad to wipe skin clean of sweat and dirt before application. It is recommended to apply UV protection every 2-3 hours.

  • * SPF number is a measurement of protection of the skin from ultraviolet B. PA mark is a measurement of protection of the skin from ultraviolet A. These measurements serve as a guide to product selection.

Hand Care - Moisturizing


1.During application, gently pressing palms together will hasten the product's penetration into skin.

2.Remember to apply evenly on every finger. Use thumb to rub hand cream in between fingers.

3.Sides of hands and wrists are also areas easily missed out during application. Wrap palms around wrists to ensure even application.

4.Dry and stiff fingertips are a sign of insufficient moisturization. Apply regularly to replenish moisture if this occurs.

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