Treatment Cream Color The first-ever formula that nourishes your hair while you color, for perfect gray coverage and smoother, shinier hair.

Available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Treatment-based Color Formula

Contains 4X* more treatment ingredients to coat the hair for a nourishing treatment throughout the coloring process! The result? Shiny hair so amazingly smooth that it is effortless to finger comb!

Treatment-based Color Formula

High Penetration Coloring Technology

Hair gets wrapped in luxuriously rich cream, and coloring ingredients penetrate deeply into each strand to cover any type of gray hair 1.2X* more effectively. Gives hair an even and long-lasting color result.

High Penetration Coloring Technology
*Compared to conventional technology of Kao Japan.
Non-pungent, gentle fragrance Formulated with 3 haircare ingredients
  1. Gloss retention ingredient
  2. 1.Gloss retention ingredient:
    For glossy hair
  3. Royal Jelly extract
  4. 2.Royal Jelly extract:
    To moisturize hair
  5. Seaweed extract
  6. 3.Seaweed extract:
    Protects from damage

Usage Read the enclosed instructions carefully before using, and use as directed.

  1. 1

    Using the brush, mix equal amounts of Cream No.1 and 2 thoroughly.

  2. 2

    Apply the mixture to the hair with the brush until all hair is well covered.

  3. 3

    Apply more mixture to areas with more gray hair.

  4. 4 After 15 Minutes rinse hair thoroughly before shampooing.

If you have previously dyed your hair with a dark shade, one application of a lighter shade is unlikely to display an obvious result. For those with a larger amount of gray hair, it is recommended to select darker shades for optimal coverage.

New 5 shades in total Shades specifically developed for Asian hair to achieve its natural, beautiful color.

  1. 明亮淺棕
  2. 明亮棕
  3. 淺棕
  4. 自然棕色
  5. 深棕色
  6. 深黑棕色
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New 5 shades in total Shades specifically developed for Asian hair to achieve its natural, beautiful color.

Q1.What is the meaning of “Blauné”?
The name "Blauné" is made by combining the words "BLOW" and "SHINE". It forms an impression of hair swinging comfortably in the breeze and glowing with sunshine.
Q2.What is a “Treatment-Based Color Formula”?
Even though Liese Blauné Cream Color is essentially a hair colorant, its two creams feature Kao’s hair treatment formulation. With this formulation, hair becomes smooth after rinse-off, thus reducing damage caused by tangles.
Q3.Can Liese Blauné sufficiently cover gray hair even though a large part of it is
Yes. In fact, Liese Blauné can be considered to be equally, if not more effective than existing hair colorants. This is due to its high penetration coloring technology that thoroughly penetrates gray hair.
Q4.If my hair is naturally black, will I be able to color it with Liese Blauné?
Yes. If your hair is naturally black, the finished shade may still be darker than the sample shade shown on the packaging box. If you have little or no white hair, we recommend that you select a shade of brown that is lighter than your desired shade.
Q5.What is the recommended way to color hair strands beautifully from the roots?
Apply ample cream onto the hair to ensure every hair strand is well covered by the cream. The cream should be applied by firmly pressing the cream onto the hair with the black brush from the 3-in-1 comb brush. Ensure that the cream covers the hair thoroughly by applying the cream from all sides. This allows the hair to be wrapped by the cream completely for an even color result. However, do note that hair color turnout and gray hair coverage result will depend on each individual’s natural hair color, hair type and the volume of gray hair.
Q6.I’m afraid I’ll quickly run out of cream as a result of applying too much to my hairline,
like the example shown on the package.Is there a better way to color my hair?
For short hair lengths (shoulder-length and above), one package should be sufficient for a single application to the entire head. If you’re coloring your entire head, we recommend applying it to the whole head first, before putting more cream on areas with more gray hair.
Q7.Is it possible to use the cream type to color the entire head?
Yes. Divide hair strands into smaller sections using the tip of the 3-in-1 comb brush during application, and spread it onto the entire head using the comb (it is recommended that you use the comb to spread it all over the hair for a better finish). For long hair lengths (below shoulder length), it is recommended to use two packs to achieve an obvious result.

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