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Get yourself ready

●To easily remove any foam mixture that gets in contact with skin, apply a thin layer of oil-based skin cream to your hairline, ears, forehead and neckline etc.
●Comb your hair before coloring to remove any tangles
○Perform a skin allergy test in accordance 48 hours before each use of the product.

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For yor safety

Read the instructions before using and use as directed.
●DO NOT USE if you have ever experienced any reaction after coloring your hair.
●Perform a skin allergy test in accordance 48 hours before each use of the product.

STEP 01 Prepare the mixture


Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2.


Close the white lid, and gently invert the container back and forth.Repeat this approximately 5 times, around 1 second at a time.

Do not shake the bottle.

Caution! :DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE Shaking too hard will cause the mixture to bubble inside the bottle, and it may not dispense as foam.

POINT. Invert the container back and forth around 1 second at a time. Repeat 5 times.


Remove the white flat cap from the bottle and replace it with the foamer cap. Twist it until it is tightly sealed.

STEP 02 Dispense the foam

Put on your gloves.

Hold the container in an upright position and squeeze the center of the bottle to dispense foam onto your palm. 

Squeeze the center in an upright position

★If the container is full of foam, hold container in an upright position, and squeeze 3 or 4 times to drain off any runny foam or liquid.

STEP 03 Apply a generous amount


Start applying from the roots.


Divide your hair roughly. Apply a large amount of foam from the hair roots and work through. Change sections as you apply.


Cover the entire head with a generous amount of foam

Apply to the back. Apply to the hairline and to the ends of the hair.

STEP 04 Massage

Use your finger tips, gently massage until hair is completely covered with foamy lather.

・Rub your hair gantly so that the mixture seeps into the roots.
・Apply to the back easily!

★Add more foam if it is insufficient

STEP 05 Check - Leave on - Finish


Make sure you don't have foam on your face, ears, neckline and arms.


Leave the foam on your hair for about 20-30 minutes.


Rinse your hair thoroughly, shampoo twice, then apply the Rinse-off Treatment enclosed.

Rinse-off Treatment

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