Nappy Changing Guide

Newborns and Infants
Changing Nappies

Let's do this together!

1. Prepare a new nappy


Spread out the nappy and raise the inner gathers that help to prevent leakage.


Place the new nappy directly beneath the soiled nappy before removing it. Pull the top part of the nappy up until it is slightly above your baby's navel.

2. Open up the soiled nappy.


Babies often pee or poo during a nappy change, so don't panic.

3. Wipe away all poo and pee, then gently lift up baby's bottom to remove the soiled nappy.


If baby has pooed, wipe the bottom clean, including all the creases where the poo tends to be collected. 
*Pee also needs to be wiped away carefully. Be careful not to pull your baby's legs by force.

4. Remove the soiled nappy. 


Gently lift up baby's bottom to remove the soiled nappy.

5. Put on a new nappy.


Place your fingers over the inner gathers to keep them raised as you lift the new nappy over your baby's navel. For boys, ensure that the penis is pointing downwards.

6. Fix the tape in place 


Hold down the sides of the nappy and gently pull the tape over. 


Ensure both sides are symmetrical before fastening.

7. Arrange the gathers around the thighs.


Use your fingers to adjust the side gathers around your baby's thighs evenly so as to prevent leakages. If the edge is folded inwards, the nappy may leak.

Disposing used nappies

Flush any poo down the toilet. Dispose of the soiled nappy by rolling it up as small as possible and using the tape to hold it closed.


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