Nappy Changing Guide

Tell Me All about Nappy Pants!


What's so great about nappy pants? 


Whether baby is wriggling, rolling over, or crawling, Merries nappy pants fit snugly with no need for waist adjustments. 

It's great that baby is so active, but with nappies, you can end up constantly refastening the tape, or accidentally taping too tightly. When baby is wriggling, rolling over or crawling, and nappy changes becomes more challenging, nappy pants are a great solution. 



What are the key points to watch for when it's time to choose a nappy pants? 


Because baby's skin is still delicate, nappy pants too should be chosen for gentleness on the skin!

Breathability is important.As baby grows, so does the amount of pee.
And once baby becomes active, they also sweat, which makes it very moist and stuffy inside baby's nappy. Nappies must be able to breath to expel all the moisture and stuffiness, which can lead to nappy rash.
Holds in loose poo!Babies who are weaning to solids often have very loose poo which also spreads very easily across baby's skin, becoming a cause of nappy rash. A nappy needs to be able to absorb all that poo. 


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