Make an Origami with Merries!

Make an Origami with Merries!

Make an Origami with Merries!

It's so easy to make an origami Merries bunny, star, and heart, and they look so cute hanging on baby's stroller or wall.
You can also use them for sleeping baby photo art!

Use your origami to
make a Merries crib hanging mobile

What you will need

Origami (two bunnies, a heart, and a star), disposable chopsticks, string, tape, and glue.

How to make your hanging mobile

Prepare folded Bunny, Star and Heart origami.


You can make it more beautiful by sticking two of the same origami together to make it double-sided.


* Children making a mobile should be under the supervision of a caregiver. 
* Take care when using scissors or cutter knives, and make sure these are stored out of reach of children. 
* Ensure that children do not lick the origami pieces or put them in their mouths, as this can result in accidents. Take particular care with sharp corners. 

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