The Merries Quality Commitment


A baby's smile signifies that they are happy and comfortable. From the birth of the Merries brand in 1984 through today, we have continued to pursue gentleness on the skin and high quality --all for the sake of that smile.


More than 31 years of R&D focused on making Merries products even gentler on the skin--no wonder Merries is so well-loved in Japan and throughout the world!

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The Merries commitment

  • Baby skin research and analysis is conducted together with dermatologists and pediatricians. Nappy usage habits are studied in the context of local customs, thus identifying specific local needs.
  • Only those materials which have been confirmed safe for baby's skin are used
  • Extensive pre-market checks on product safety, quality, and acceptability

 Production (quality control)

Merries' attention to detail in ensuring peace of mind is typical of Japanese craftsmanship. We spare no effort in our quest to protect baby's delicate skin.

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The Merries commitment

  • Use of the same production technology and quality control at Merries' three plants in Japan ensures the quality of each and every nappy
  • Strict hygiene management prevents any external air from the environment from entering plant interiors. Mandatory "air showers" at the plant entrances prevent dust and dirt from being carried in.
  • Multiple checks with highly sensitive sensors during the production process prevent nappy contamination. These are also double checked again manually with human eyes as part of Merries' rigorous quality control.
  • A serial number is printed on all products so individual product information can be traced even after shipment. We believe that product responsibility continues even after product delivery!
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