Introducing the Merries Brand


The meaning of "Merries"

"Merries" comes from the English word "merry", which means cheerful and smiling. It is also inspired from the musical merry-go-round mobile hung above babies' cribs to make them smile and laugh.

The meaning of Merries logo

merries logo

Our logo is shaped like a cradle; rocking your baby blissfully to sleep.
It is also shaped like a heart, expressing the parents' love for their child.




Bringing you "Smile & Smile'"

For 24 hours a day and 365 days a year; Merries want your babies to be happy, comfortable and smiling.  We believe that happy babies and parents spending more time together is vital to your baby's growth and development.

Merries will continue to deliver products that contribute to your baby's physical and emotional development, with the aim to be the most "gentle to the skin" nappy in the world. We will constantly innovate to help parents enjoy their child-raising years and ensure that your baby live as happily and comfortably as possible.

Packaging design

Merries Nappy is more than just a nappy

Cute baby products create a happy atmosphere in your homes for you and your baby.  More than just nappies, Merries are designed to  be a baby product that will brings joy to you and your baby both at the store and at home.


Pastel colored polka-dots on a white background

The white background embodies the "clean and gentle to the skin underwear" that we want on a newborn baby, while the colorful polka-dots represents the fun and joy that both baby and parents have together while growing up.


The Merries bunnies

The fluffy white Merries bunnies symbolize Merries' gentleness, helping parents to protect their precious babies.


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