Information & Tips for Babies and Mums

4 Years & Above

Emotion Your child shows dramatic development in his social skills. He can cooperate with his friends, and he even sets rules for games. His imagination develops and he has the ability to play the role of a certain character in a story during play.
Body Now that your child has full control of his movements, he will start to explore challenging new play like playing on the swing and jungle gym. He can also dance to the music rhythm.
Pee Your child can now inform you before he pees or can even go to the toilet on his own. He can wear and remove his own pants. By the time your child is five, he should have outgrown bedwetting.

He would inform you verbally when he wants to poo. By this time, he can control his bowel till he gets to the toilet. It'll be good to start helping your child establish a daily routine so that he can move his bowel at a specific time of the day. This will prepare him for group activities as he moves to the next stage of growth.
Points for Establishing a Daily Routine -- Sleep well (early to bed, early to rise).
-- Eat well (including a good breakfast).
-- Play well (play outdoors, actively move all parts of the body)
-- Enjoy each day!
Useful Tips for Different Developmental Stages
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  • 1 - 4  Months
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  • 9 - 11  Months
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  • 4  Years & Above

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