Information & Tips for Babies and Mums

2 - 3  Years

Emotion Your child starts showing interest in what the adults are doing, and mimicking everything. Language is quickly picked up, and he can soon utter two or three word sentences. At this stage, he becomes more assertive, and say "No!" more often.
Body His body starts stretching. He becomes better at climbing up and down the stairs, and plays with things like baby slides actively. When your child is about 3 years old, he will be able to pedal tricycles.
Pee When you notice that your child's pee intervals are becoming longer in the day, or if there is no pee at all at night sometimes, then it is time to start training him! Watch out for signs and bring your child to the toilet accordingly. Though your child may understand the feeling of a full bladder, he may often pee before telling you about it. Don't be disappointed. Use suitable occasions every day or before going out to take your child to the toilet. Remember to praise him when he does it well!

He will start pooing at around the same time once or twice every day. He understands that the toilet is a waste-elimination place but sometimes he may do so behind curtains or something that hides him.

Useful Tips for Different Developmental Stages
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