Information & Tips for Babies and Mums

1 - 2  Years

Emotion Your child can understand simple words and begins to speak a few words coupled with gestures. But his speech is not fully developed and he finds it difficult to express his emotions. When he is unable to convey his feelings, he may throw tantrums out of frustration.
Body He starts walking on his own without support. When he is close to 2 years old, he can run, bend down and even walk backwards. His scope of play broadens as he can now throw his toys and chase after a ball.
Pee By now, your child should stop peeing in the night when he is asleep. If you find your child's diaper dry upon waking up in the morning, you can take your child to the toilet. But do so in a playful manner. Do not be too serious or force your child.

Your child would have developed the ability to control his bowel movement and will usually poo around the same time daily. He may also start straining or stop his play and keep still when he feels the urge to poo.

Useful Tips for Different Developmental Stages
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  • 1 - 2  Years
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