Information & Tips for Babies and Mums

5 - 8  Months

Emotion Your baby loves to play peek-a-boo and begins to enjoy playing while anticipating your next move. He starts to recognise people who are close to him and those who are not. Stranger anxiety begins.
Body He learns to roll over and begins to crawl. By 7 months, his back and hip muscles become firmer, and he can sit up without support. He learns to differentiate between day and night, and this is reflected in his daily routine.
Pee Pee intervals become longer during afternoon naps or sleeps at night, and the pee amount is lesser. This occurs as your baby's nervous system in relation to urination becomes more developed.

Your baby's tummy may need some time to get used to the introduction of solids to his diet. This is why his poo can be wet at times or he can be constipated. Occasionally, the food may be passed out in its original form. This should not be a concern when your baby's digestive system becomes more developed.

Useful Tips for Different Developmental Stages
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