Information & Tips for Babies and Mums

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Emotion Your baby cries quite frequently because he is still not used to the new environment outside your womb. But he loves your face and voice. Whenever you feed your baby or change his diaper, remember to look into your baby's eyes and talk to him lovingly.
Body Your baby still does not have much control over his head movements. His neck and hip muscles are still unstable. His legs are always open in an "M" shape because this is his most natural posture. As his body's ability to adjust its temperature to the surrounding is not fully developed, take note of the room temperature and help him adjust with the use of clothings and beddings.
Pee His bladder is still small. So he pees on reflex whenever a little urine accumulates in his bladder, or even when he cries. You'll be surprised to know that your baby pees between 10 and 20 times a day! Do check his diaper before feeding and whenever he cries.

Your newborn's first poo is greenish black in colour and sticky in texture. This is a special poo called "meconium", which contains amniotic fluid your baby has been taking in your womb. For the first month, your newborn's poo is wet and watery. The amount discharged for each poo is minimal. It is usually light yellow with a sweet-sour smell, like yogurt. He may poo close to 10 times a day but there is nothing to worry about.

Useful Tips for Different Developmental Stages
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